Visiting the New Client: LW Design Group

In this blog entry we would like to welcome LW Design Group in Dubai as a new international client. When Jette and Lene went to Dubai, they introduced the employees to the main features of AutoPilot.




LW Design Group is a big company located in Dubai. They have four different departments that covers architecture, engineering, interior design, and landscape architecture. As most big scale firms in Dubai, LW Design Group has employees with many different cultural backgrounds. For instance these includes Filipinos, Danes and other Europeans.

The company has experienced great success so far with their extraordinary buildings and design, and are planning the establishment of new departments around the world in the future. During the spring, the company has turned to a new strategy that focuses more on the economical part on driving a business. Therefore the management decided to hire Jimmy Hansen as chief financial officer, who is AutoPilots main contact during the incorporation of the system as new clients.

When a big company like LW Design Group chooses to use AutoPilot, we often make small changes to fit the exact structure of the company. This eases the usage and gives a better overview on the projects. Regarding LW Design Group we had to take into account, that the company has different departments, which are often involved in the same projects. This means the departments work in a cooperative process, which AutoPilot is able to handle and organize. When the company is handed a project the fee is split, and the entire economy is managed, which gives an overview of the budgets and an estimate of the production value.

When Jimmy got hired, LW Design Group started to look back at the former projects to get an overview of the economy, and from now on they are going to use AutoPilot to look ahead. When Jette and Lene visited the employees earlier this month, it was with the purpose of instructing the administration on how to manage the projects in order to create a database, and brief the employees on how to hand in time sheets.




Before conducting the time sheet session, Jette and Lene weren’t sure of what to expect. They have had a lot of employee sessions with Danish companies, but would it be completely different, when they traveled to the other side of the world?

Funny enough, Jette and Lene were asked the exact same questions in Dubai as they’ve experienced in Denmark. Because we are dealing with the same professions, they are experiencing many of the same challenges. However the sessions were characterized by holding employees with various cultural backgrounds, who are used to different educational systems and work culture.

In a couple of months, Jette and Lene are returning to Dubai. During the future visit they are going to teach the employees in LW Design Group how to handle invoice and planning.


Welcome on board LW Design Group, we look forward to cooperate with you in the future.

(Photo © AutoPilot)



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