Meet Dan, who has earned the ‘10 years at AutoPilot’ badge

AutoPilot likes Dan and Dan likes AutoPilot. We will ask him a few questions in this blog, so you have the opportunity to get to know him and his area of work in the company.

We celebrated with flowers and breakfast at a very nice cafe in town, when one of our most familiar faces at AutoPilot had his 10 year work anniversary. The very seasoned colleague tells us about his time with the company:

It’s interesting to ask yourself that question, how does it feel to be in the same company for so long. I feel that the exciting thing is that AutoPilot is always doing something new. So, even if you stay in the same job, changes happen which you have to respond to, and that provides you with a more exciting and challenging working environment”



A man with many qualifications

In a company like AutoPilot the tasks are varied. Dan is therefore also a man with many qualifications. Based on his past as an Academy Profession (AP) graduate in Chemical and Biotechnical Science, he made the choice of starting a degree in Information Science with Danish as his optional subject at Aarhus University. Subsequently he had a variety of jobs, and then, thankfully, he ended up working for AutoPilot. He expresses his enjoyment of his current job, using these words: “At AutoPilot I am able to use a wide range of my skills in a practical way, and I really enjoy that”.



Much has happened both with the company and Dan’s work these past 10 years. AutoPilot has doubled the number of employees and merged with the company CodeCreator in Aalborg, these are just a few of the things that have happened since Dan joined. Initially, Dan began working in the documentation and Hotline department. Here he established his knowledge about the software, learned the functions of the programme and some of the general issues and solutions to them. This approach has, according to him, provided a compelling feel of the programme and its functions. This has also been very useful when he later worked with documentation and solutions related to it.

Dan’s current role in the company

Dan still loves his job after 10 years of working at the company. He is a morning person who likes to get to work early. His tasks are varied and his time is occupied with the technical introduction of new clients for AutoPilot, conversion of databases and integration. AutoPilot continuously wants to improve the programme and create new options for integration to other programmes, and Dan works with the technical elements in that connection. He says:

“I work together with Thomas Herskin and you could say that the two of us wear the technical caps in the company. Because society is constantly developing, it is important to continuously upgrade the technical elements of the programme, as we always want to create the best possible solutions for our clients.”

Even if society and the company has grown and changed over the years, we still have the benefit of being able to celebrate that we have had Dan as an employee for 10 full years. For 10 years where we neither could have done without him, or his hard work.



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