• Sound billing culture

    • Invoice as soon as possible
    • Current and relevant information
    • No duplication of work
  • Sound project management culture

    • Be at the forefront
    • Intervention
    • Communication
    • Business awareness
  • Sound registration culture

    • Realistic and accurate registration
    • Current and relevant information
    • No duplication of work

Market leader

AutoPilot is used by more than half of the Danish architects, and nearly that many engineers. It covers their need for time management, resource planning, pipeline, analysis and business intelligence.

The Process Loop

AutoPilot is founded on three basic principles: sound project management, sound registration culture and a sound billing culture. It reflects on the bottomline; a healthy business is good business.

The purpose of AutoPilot

The purpose of AutoPilot is to ensure our customers have a sound business by being at the forefront in all areas of project finance and capacity planning.

We provide this by giving your employees the right software, training and support to achieve this.

Project manager

The project leader creates the basis for the company’s earnings by planning, billing and managing projects.

The project leader ensures accurate registration by creating and managing individually specific project plans.

Accurate registration is of great importance to all employees regarding knowledge sharing and Business Intelligence.

The Project Leader can

  • Create and activate projects
  • Register remuneration agreements
  • Produce project plans including staffing and ETC
  • Continuously revise the planning
  • Monitor Expected Current Rate of Return against Target Rate of Return
  • Plan future invoicing
  • Create invoice proposals

The project leader is hereby a business manager of his own projects.


Administrative staff manages data concerning the company’s staff and their terms of employment.

By these means AutoPilot knows future hourly attendance and – along with the project planning – forms the basis of reporting challenges regarding resource capacity.

Furthermore, administration manages information about cost and sales prices of their employees and, held together with the project planning, enables AutoPilot to predict future earnings.

The Administration can

  • Manage terms of employment
  • Manage pricing structures
  • Register expenses and subcontractor expenses
  • Record invoices
  • Produce statistics of any kind

Thus, the administration is a support function for the project leaders


The Management team is able to keep up to date regarding projects and are therefore able to prioritise and direct their efforts to manage challenges accordingly.

The Management team analyses the earning capacity of the entire project portfolio, both completed and ongoing, and what is in the pipeline.

The Management team designs the framework that will form the basis of the earning capacity analysis. E.g., it is possible to mark projects concerning their specific sector and then create past, current and future reports of the earning capacity ability of that sector.

The Management can assess

  • Projects that are not on track according to their Target Rate of Return
  • The company’s future capacity scenario
  • The company’s future liquidity
  • The company’s earning capacity according to custom criteria