CEO Jørgen Korsgaard presents at The Liveable City in London

On the 14th of June, CEO and founder of AutoPilot ApS, Jørgen Korsgaard was invited to speak in London at a conference focusing on how to run a profitable practice.


Alongside Chris Williamson, the RIBA Ambassador for Business Skills, Jørgen was invited to speak and answer questions for two hours. His presentation focused on the values and belief behind AutoPilot, and the concepts behind how to run a profitable practice.


Billede fra Jørgens præsentation (slide)


The picture above was part of Jørgen’s presentation. It contains the most central thoughts and values in AutoPilot.


A central part of the concept is that the whole organization understands and acknowledges the idea of project leaders being business leaders. The organisation supports this idea by handing in timesheets on a daily basis, immediate registration of other costs and revision of estimates to complete whenever needed.


Hereby the project leader is equipped with up-to-date facts and figures about the project economy. The precise knowledge of all facts about the project economy is the foundation for a constructive dialog with the contractor and the project team. This knowledge gives the project leader the bargaining power that enables him to act as business leader.



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