Learn to fully utilise AutoPilot

At AutoPilot ApS, we are convinced that our courses and workshops add value for the participants. We are not alone in that opinion. In this blog, you will meet Annette Bech from Oluf Jørgensen, a Danish national consulting engineering company, who expresses great satisfaction with our courses and workshops.

AutoPilot ApS offers a complete selection of courses and workshops which enables your company to utilise the AutoPilot software optimally. The workshops and courses support the AutoPilot concept of “Healthy business” and is an important contribution to the individual company’s development of its business.


Simplifies and improves work processes

We talked to Annette Bech, who works at Oluf Jørgensen. The company has used AutoPilot since 2012 and are very satisfied users of the software. Annette has been on the AutoPilot courses Billing and Project planning.

“I very much enjoyed participating in AutoPilot’s courses. There aren’t many participants and you can raise your own challenges during the courses”

The aim of our courses and workshops is to give a thorough understanding of AutoPilot so our clients learn how to fully utilise the software. That is also why we keep the number of participants low, so we can allow adequate time for each participant and focus on the individual aspects.

The courses and workshops feature a large amount of practical exercises which ensures that you, as participant, really get to know the software. Annette has experienced the courses as being intensive and says that they have given her lots of good tips and tools to simplify and improve their work processes. Furthermore, she says she highly recommends the courses to other AutoPilot users.



The Foundation course gives you an understanding of the basic functions and an overview of the many links between the programme modules.

The Billing workshop teaches you to use the different invoicing methods which fit the different type of terms of contracts that exist in the sector. The participants also learn to register and adjust fees and to utilise reports to create overview.

The Planning and Project management course teaches you to use AutoPilot’s planning and project management options. For example, it provides early warnings regarding the finances of the project which enables you to take sound action. You will find more detail regarding the individual courses on our Courses page.


Your company develops – and we make you a partner to this

As clients, you constantly develop. Typically, you will, after having used AutoPilot for a while, be at a new level where options exist that could provide you with breakthroughs. The courses and workshops will enable you to utilise those options in the software that is of current interest to your company. At the same time, the courses provide you with an insight into development opportunities for your business. The courses are aimed at all users, both new and experienced.

You can find dates and times, as well as other information regarding the individual courses and workshops on our home page where you can also sign up.

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