Hand in your timesheet daily and you will get up-to-date financial information

At AutoPilot, we understand the importance of handing in timesheets daily. We simply call it a ‘healthy culture of registering’. But why at all is it so important with daily submissions? In this blog, we look closely at Drauschke Consult A/S which is one of the companies where employees hand their timesheets in daily.


We are convinced that a healthy culture of registering is pivotal for managing projects healthily. By handing in daily the quality of data is maximised and the administrative work is minimal. Concurrently it ensures that the project leaders in the company have a daily up-to-date status of all projects.


AutoPilot – An advantage to our company

Drauschke Consult A/S is one of the clients where employees hand in daily. Drauschke Consult is a consulting engineering company which both design and calculates precast concrete panels and regularly occupies itself with project engineering, planning and design.

The company consists of fourteen people; a mixed group of men and women of all ages and they have used AutoPilot for a good five years. Torben Drauschke who is the Managing Director, describes the reason why the employees are so good:


“It’s simply because we have spent a lot of time explaining to our employees that it is a requirement to hand in your timesheet daily.”


Managing Director Torben Drauschke


Drauschke Consult is aware that it is important to hand in hours the same day as they are expended. They have made their employees realise that it only possible to send an invoice to their clients when they have collected all their hours. The employees have thereby gained an understanding of that the expended hours should be handed in immediately. They know that this is what is needed so the company can keep track of and have an overview of their projects.


“AutoPilot has made a massive difference to our company. We have become substantially better at handing in our hours after we purchased AutoPilot’s web based timesheet.”


Hand in on the move with the web based

According to Torben there are many advantages of subscribing to AutoPilot’s web based timesheet. This is due to that the employees daily receive an email reminder if they have forgotten to hand in their hours. Torben also points out the joy of being able to hand in the timesheet from your home computer. He thinks it is a good function if you have forgotten to hand in at work. At AutoPilot, we are pleased that Drauschke Consult can see the advantages of handing in daily. We have experience of daily submissions resulting in that the time spent on filling in timesheets is diminished whilst the quality improves. 


At AutoPilot, we offer the web based timesheet so it becomes an option for the employees to hand in whilst on the move. Additionally, it is our experience that daily submissions increase the billing rate. Handing in your timesheet daily is not up for discussion at Drauschke Consult. The company has created a culture where all employees hand in because they know the gravity of the company being able to invoice their expended hours and manage the projects.  


“Many times, we have explained the importance to them about handing in. For fun, I have said that if they do not fill in and hand in their timesheet, then I will not hand over their salary”, Torben says at the end and laughs.


With daily submissions of their timesheets Drauschke Consult is taking a big step towards a healthy business. At AutoPilot, we emphasise again and again that daily submission of timesheets provides up-to-date financial data for the project and this then leads to bargaining power and possibility of a constructive dialogue with both the developer and project team.

At the same time, it becomes easier for the company to focus on the technical side of work when the financial standings are in order.

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