Web timesheet: Daily registration – the key to a successful business

A healthy business is a good business. This is the foundation of AutoPilot and our aim is to help our clients run a successful business by using AutoPilot.


Every work place consists of many parts that together shape the company’s DNA. They can be soft as well as hard values and it can vary from company to company as to which parts are in focus: strong internal ties in the company, good customer relations, a strong professional work environment etc.


When, in the architect and engineering industry, each individual project keeps track of their finances and when the figures on the bottom line are black, this then provides a better foundation to focus on the professional work. Healthy finances ensure, in other words, freedom to focus on the professional work. A healthy culture of submitting timesheets is a necessary starting point to the road to a successful business and it is therefore a cornerstone of AutoPilot.


Daily registration is key

Who doesn’t recognise the situation where you put off today’s small tasks for tomorrow? However, tomorrow turns out to be just as busy and as the tasks pile up, handing in the timesheet gets postponed again.


How many hours did I spend on that project?

What projects did I actually work on last Tuesday and Wednesday?

What, exactly, did I do?


Questions of doubts, like those above, can be avoided if the employee fills out and hands in their timesheet daily. It can be done on the company’s computer and it can also be filled in using a smartphone, if the employee is outside of the office.  It leads to less time used on filling out the timesheet while the quality goes up. Our experience is that the billing rate goes up, when the employees hand in their timesheets on a daily basis.

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Daily registration and submission ensures a current view of the project leaders’ ongoing projects and their finances. This, too, is a very good place to start when the project leaders must revise project plans and budgets.


In this way project leaders can attend any meeting – both internally with the project team or externally with the developer – having the complete overview of the project’s financial status and financial forecast.


An overview of the project’s finances is the basis for a constructive dialogue and gives bargaining power and is therefore a big step on the road to a successful business.

2 thoughts to “Web timesheet: Daily registration – the key to a successful business”

  1. From an architect’s perspective, I think the problem has been that architects in general are actually quite wary of recording hours as they would realise how much time they actually spend on the task!
    As many architects are on a fixed fee – the question is how they would best use the information that results from time recording…

    1. Hi Paul

      Thank you for commenting on our blog post.

      Here you have 3 suggestions for the best usage of the information:
      First of all, time recording creates an overview of the economy, which optimizes the working conditions of the project leader giving him bargaining power at any meeting.
      Secondly, It strengthens the relationship to the developer, by providing him accurate information about the past and the future of the project economy.
      Thirdly, it enhances your bidding situation having accurate information about similar former projects at hand.

      Mads, AutoPilot ApS

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