Analysis of the architect industry 2015

Independent analysis of the architect industry cements yet again the fact that companies that use AutoPilot perform at a better level than the rest of the industry.


The latest analysis of the architect industry was published on 22nd February 2016. The basis of the analysis is Denmark’s 213 biggest architectural companies and features very interesting reading. From our perspective there are two very specific areas:

  • Users of AutoPilot enjoy a better growth.
  • Users of AutoPilot enjoy a higher profit ratio.


Furthermore, this means that the profit per employee is higher than the industry’s average as such. Moreover, the industry analysis shows that 322 new jobs in the architect industry have been created in 2015, of these 188 have been created at companies which use AutoPilot.


Overall the industry has performed very well. 85.9% of all architect companies have generated a profit. 59.6% have had a growth in turnover, whilst 36.2% have had a decline in revenue.



How can it be that users of AutoPilot perform better than their peers? Several factors come into play, though, briefly outlined, it is determined by:


  1. Precise and sound hour registrations.
  2. Continuous follow-up of the agreement and the budget.
  3. Well documented invoicing as early as possible.


AutoPilot – healthy business.


Source: 2015 analysis by includes the 213 biggest architect companies in Denmark.

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