AutoPilot creates value for companies

The companies LBP Engineering, Conm and Conexe have recently acquired AutoPilot. We have talked to Poul Erik Thomsen who, daily, uses the program in the three companies. We have talked about the choice of AutoPilot as well as the value the software has already added to the companies shortly after the start-up phase.


About the companies: The consultant engineering LBP Engineering A/S was founded in 2004. They work with hiring out manpower and doing building projects, amongst other things in connection with starting up power stations.

The architect and consultant engineering company Conm A/S has worked with building and construction work since being established in 2013. They plan houses and make building conversions.

The last company, Conexe is a newly start-up services and contract company. LBP Engineering and Conm pass on their bigger projects to Conexe, where Conexe’s purpose is to realise these projects.


Purchasing AutoPilot

The two companies LBP Engineering and Conm purchased AutoPilot at the beginning of September 2016, whilst Conexe bought the software in December 2016. In our interview with Poul Erik he said that the companies have, for a long time, been missing a program which could create an overview of their projects. Initially, they tried creating a kind of database with spreadsheets and other documents. Poul Erik realised though that their homemade system never functioned as intended.


“It became a spreadsheet hell for our companies and we had to resort to other options. We had AutoPilot recommended to us by a current colleague. The person had experience with the program from a previous job.”


Poul Erik made it clear that the primary reasons for purchasing AutoPilot had been the features of the program, the colleague’s positive mention as well as their conversations with AutoPilot’s employees:


“The program featured the components we were looking for. We therefore realised quite quickly after speaking to you and our colleague that it was AutoPilot we were missing.”



The value of the software

Poul Erik stressed in the interview that LBP Engineering, Conm and Conexe are happy owners of AutoPilot. He stated that the AutoPilot software had provided the companies with a considerably greater overview of the projects and at the same time they had become aware of how the employees spend their time.


“There have been some challenges we have had to work through of course. But that was only at startup. Now it is beginning to succeed. The system has made it easier for us to keep track of everything, for example what the employees spend their time on. At the same time, we can also use the data we get to take action.”


Poul Erik said that of course there had been some issues that had been more difficult to overcome. He stated though that it had not been any worse than expected and that all is now all beginning to take shape and work as intended. AutoPilot’s hotline-function had, according to him, been a great help during the implementation stage as they had been able to get various questions answered.

Poul Erik explicated that at LBP Engineering, Conm and Conexe the AutoPilot software had created an environment that saves the companies both time and effort. The companies have had AutoPilot customised to their own needs and now use those components that create value for them. Poul Erik described the advantage of only having one place where all their data is stored. With this they can do business actively and sustainably which gives them the opportunity to both manage the company and its development.

The companies thus express great satisfaction with the program and report that AutoPilot has achieved a big and positive role in the companies.


“The comprehensive solution in the shape of AutoPilot is essential in our situation and we, here at our company, are the happy owners of the system.”


Here at AutoPilot we hope that the companies will continue to enjoy the program and look forward to our continued partnership.

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