Exploring Dubai

AutoPilot is gaining a foothold on the international market with the new clients LW Design Group, who has their head office in Dubai.

About two weeks ago Jette and Lene from AutoPilot went on a trip to visit the company and instruct the employees on how to use time sheets.

Even though the journey’s primary purpose was to teach the administration how to manage their projects in AutoPilot, the trip also gave insight into a very different civilization and culture from what we know in Denmark. This also includes the architecture and interior design, as you can see below.


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Two seconds after passing through the exit of the airport in Dubai City, the two women was surrounded by people shouting “Lady cab! Lady cab!”, and shortly afterwards they found themselves sitting in a pink taxi with a female driver who had a matching pink hat on her head.

It didn’t take long to realize what a vibrating metropolis Dubai is. On the way to the hotel they were driving on the highway with six lanes in each direction, and the enormous buildings started to surround them. Their room at the hotel was on the 24th floor, which is nothing particular in Dubai, where the tallest building in the world is placed. It is no less than 828 meters and 163 stories tall.

Dubai is a very multi-cultural society, but since there are so many different cultures gathered at the same place, most of the streets are one-way-traffic, which makes it very difficult to find your way around in the city. Even though Jette and Lene were driving with locals most of the time, they found themselves on some big detours during their time there.




In spite of that little hindrance the multi-cultural population living side by side is one of the great gifts of Dubai. But the quickly assembled society also entails that the city has no historic soul. Everything is new and looks good on the surface. The streets are always clean and well-kept and the large amount of labour makes sure that you cannot find fault with the level of service.

One of the main differences between Denmark and Dubai is the heat. While we spent a great amount on heating in Denmark, Jette and Lene experienced, that they want to cool everything down in Dubai. That includes swimming pools, windows, car seats and even outdoor air-conditioning. Because of the heat nothing green can grow without applying water, except succulents that takes up place in the verge between the roads. As Jette and Lene expressed, all these small things indicates how different Dubai is, and in many ways it is the complete opposite of what we know of in Denmark. The impression of Dubai is clearly that it is a place in rapid development, especially when it comes to architecture and the development of new businesses.


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(Foto © AutoPilot)

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