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Version 155

Note Program Type
Work packages can now individually be set as debtable or undebtable Admin, DL, MAN, PL, TS Change
Work packages can now be assigned to a location Admin, DL, MAN, PL Feature
Notes can now be specified obligatory on individual activities TS Feature
Vaious improvements in new functionality regarding special price lists. Basic Change
Work In Progress is now able to show change in costprice and value year to date.
When you hvae created the first work in progress statement of the year, you can push a button reading ultimo values regarding cost and value of own work from the previous statement.
Admin Feature
It is now possible to enable attachment of an e-mail signature to e-mails send from the AutoPilot invoicing system and e-mails send from the plan of absence. Admin Feature
Vaious improvements in new invoice reminder system offered in connection to cloudbased finance systems, Admin Feature
Optionally may value statements now be done per each activity of a work package.
To use the option it must be activated in configuration.
The use of this functionality requires the fee on each and every work package to be distributed to the activities of the work package.
MAN Feature
Various improvements of layouts and texts Admin, Basic, DL, MAN, PL, TS Change
Corrected error regarding Employee continous development accounts Admin Bugfix