New Client: Daniels Thiede Architects

AutoPilot’s client, Daniels Thiede, is a young architectural firm from Manchester in Great Britain. In this blog entry you can get to know more about what they do, and why they chose AutoPilot as a software system.


Who is Daniels Thiede Architects?

Daniels Thiede Architects is situated in Manchester in the north-western part of England where the two owners, Mike Daniels and Ralf Thiede, decided to realise their own beliefs and visions after having spent the last 15-20 years working for various architectural firms. Besides Ralf and Mike, Daniels Thiede Architects include the artist Caroline Barker who primarily designs internal spaces.

Even though the architectural firm is a small business with only three employees, they have a clear idea of their business approach based on five key words: Curiosity, Responsibility, Sustainability, Multiplicity, and Longevity. Furthermore they do not only focus on the architecture itself, but also on the surrounding environment and the interior design.


Why did Daniels Thiede chose AutoPilot as a software system? 

The architectural firm chose AutoPilot as a software system on the basis of a presentation by the Danish embassy in Britain last year. At the time they were looking for a new way to manage the time and ressources at their office, and they came to the conclusion that AutoPilot was the best proposition because it is efficient, dosen’t take a lot of effort, and record how they spent jobs. Before having a software as a part of their business they were collecting a lot of data without any useful results. Therefore they were intrigued to hear what AutoPilot had to offer, and with the new software they now have the possibility to spent more time on design.


Making software cooperate

Daniels Thiede Architects concentrate on evolving the business, but they also have a certain interest in making systems cooperate. This especially revolves around Building Information Modelling (BIM) which is a specific way of digitize the construction process of a building. BIM gives an overview from beginning to the end and demands close cooperation between participants. This also entails that BIM is closely linked to economy and business planning which is the essence of AutoPilot. Daniels Thiede is actually in the process of getting a setup were BIM and AutoPilot can cooperate. Making a cooperation between the software systems could possibly result in a more efficient working method.


Future projects

In the future Daniels Thiede want to continue to participate in interesting competitions, and at the same time they are trying to get into local projects. As a part of being a young architectural firm, they are still in the process of finding a balance between generating income and starting new projects.


Do you wanna know more about Daniels Thiede Architects, click here and check out their website.



Welcome on board Daniels Thiede Architects, we look forward to cooperate with you in the future.
(Photo © Daniels Thiede Architects)

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