Release notes


Version 155

Note Program Type
Work packages can now individually be set as debtable or undebtable Admin, DL, MAN, PL, TS Change
Work packages can now be assigned to a location Admin, DL, MAN, PL Feature
Notes can now be specified obligatory on individual activities TS Feature
Vaious improvements in new functionality regarding special price lists. Basic Change
Work In Progress is now able to show change in costprice and value year to date.
When you hvae created the first work in progress statement of the year, you can push a button reading ultimo values regarding cost and value of own work from the previous statement.
Admin Feature
It is now possible to enable attachment of an e-mail signature to e-mails send from the AutoPilot invoicing system and e-mails send from the plan of absence. Admin Feature
Vaious improvements in new invoice reminder system offered in connection to cloudbased finance systems, Admin Feature
Optionally may value statements now be done per each activity of a work package.
To use the option it must be activated in configuration.
The use of this functionality requires the fee on each and every work package to be distributed to the activities of the work package.
MAN Feature
Various improvements of layouts and texts Admin, Basic, DL, MAN, PL, TS Change
Corrected error regarding Employee continous development accounts Admin Bugfix

Version 154

Note Program Type
New user interface creating and maintaining special price lists.
Special price lists are client pricelists, project price lists and work package price lists.
The user interface gathers all special pricelist in one single view.
Its possible to create new price lists, to maintain existing price lists and to close a pricelist.
Basic Feature
New columns in value analysis -> Rate of returns in new snapshot: Work package department and work package note DL, MAN Feature
New grouping in Print expected current rates of return: Now the print may be grouped by work package department DL, MAN, PL Feature
Capcaity may now be filtered by employee statistics 1 or employee statistics 2 DL, MAN, PL Feature

Version 153

Note Program Type
Option to display sales prices on the hour voucher.

It is now possible to display sales prices on the hour voucher.
The option must usually be turned on in configuration – Misc. 1 below the frame hour voucher.
Subsequently, the option is activated in the invoice layout of the specific work package.

Admin, PL Feature
New view in Planning

When expanding a work package at activity level and further to staffing plans, the name of employees and activities are now in the same column as the name of the work package.
This provides a better and more organised overview of how the work package is structured regarding activities and staffing of activities. Furthermore, the display of the last possible option for expansion, which shows how else the employee is budgeted – has been greatly improved.

DL, MAN, PL Feature
Speed improvement at update of all types of master data.

We have improved the database’s procedures for maintenance of integrity in the database. This results in a marked improvement in speed when updating all types of master data.

Admin, Basic Feature
API based link to cloud based financial management systems: Automatic transfer of debtor invoices from AutoPilot to the financial management system Web Company Feature
API based link to cloud based financial management systems: Automatic transfer of creditor invoices from the financial management system to AutoPilot Web Company Feature
API based link to cloud based financial management systems: Automatic updating of payment status of invoices in AutoPilot based on payment status in the financial management system Web Company Feature
Default value of “Name of work package on invoice”
In Configuration – Invoice – you are now able to state if the invoice layout of a new work package should automatically display “Work package name on invoice” or not.
Admin, PL Feature
Automated reminder email to employees who have not handed in their timesheet the last X days. X is optional – for example, can be set to 2. Web employee Feature
Option for submission of timesheet ahead of time for employees who leave at the end of the current month. It is a requirement that all registrations are registrations of absence. Web employee Feature
Automatic submission of timesheets of employees who are on annual leave or who are absent due to other kinds of leave. Web employee Feature
Issuing invoices which are not linked to any project:
If the invoice is not related to any project, then the standard invoice email address of the client is used now.
Admin Feature
Cost price in foreign currency, Currency code and Exchange rate have been added to View in the voucher list Admin Feature
Option to select obligatory note for new work package when transferring hours. Admin Feature
Plan of absence can now be displayed in Planning.
Here it displays the future plans of absence of those employees that are staffed on the given work package. You activate it by using the right-click menu in Planning
DL, MAN, PL Feature
Simplified error messages for “Remove employee” in Planning DL, MAN, PL Feature
New display in plan of absence.
In the Administration module you are now able to view realised absence of employees back in time. You are still able to, as usual, to view employees’ future plans for absence. The date of demarcation between realised and planned absence is obviously the latest date of submission of each employee.
Admin Feature
Planning: Column for work package note has been added. DL, MAN, PL Feature
New plan of absence
In the new plan of absence you can select how many weeks you wish to view. You can select to view between 1 to 15 weeks. Furthermore, you can select which week the overview should start from too.
Admin, DL, PL Feature
WPL in timesheet
An error has been corrected which caused WPL to not display correctly in the timesheet.
TS Bugfix

Version 151

Note Program Type
Work package prognosis in currency.

The Work package prognosis can now at users choice be displayed either in foreign currency or basic currecy.

Admin, DL, MAN, PL Feature
If the Work package is in foreign currency:
Prices on a Work package Price list is now entered in the foreign currency
Basic Feature
New controller report regading the distribution of own fee to activities/stages MAN Feature
New controller report regarding the amount of subcontrated Work set aside in the fee break Down. MAN Feature
New frontend to the spendings statistics. The amount of data that the system can deal with is increased by 300 pct. Admin Feature
Registration of subcontracted Work. Selecting future budgets. Under certain circumstances a budget could erroneously be represented more than once. Now any budget will only occur once. Admin Bugfix
If you use finance units in AutoPilot:
Registration of subcontracted Work and other expenses. The ledger can now be preset to book expences to a given finance unit.
Admin Feature
Registrating expenses on the project for CPD. A warning is now issued if the expence is not attached to an employee Admin Feature
Emailing invoices. It is now in general possible to attach any kind of files. Admin Feature
Paying ledger time off in lieue. If an employee is going to pay for the time off himself the ledger can now add a specific numer of hours to the employess account for time off in lieue. Admin Feature
Link to E-conomic.
AutoPilot now supports link to E-conomic without any use of files.
The new link includes link of debtors and suppliers as well as link of sales and buying transactions – all from AutoPilot to E-conomic.
Furthermore it contains a link of whether specific invoices are paid by the client – this is from E-conomic to AutoPilot.
Admin Feature
Use of finance units:
It is now possible that invoice documents from a given finance unit is marked with finance unit specific information
Admin Feature
Employee Card: The specification of whether a given project leader has access to the fee break Down is now actually taking into consideration of the project leader user interface. PL Bugfix
Fee agreement. Internal transfer of fees between Work packages.
It is now possible to maintain the full agreement and invoice it on one Work package, while part of the fee is planned and used on other Work packages of the project.
DL, MAN, PL Feature
Price categories. For selected employees it is now possible to specify another Price category than default on customer, project and Work packages Price lists Basic Feature
Invoice proposals: Warnings are now avilable if the sum of the installplan differs from the fee agreement. Admin, DL, MAN, PL Feature
Invoice proposals: Warnings are now available if an invoice proposal is created but not submitted for invoicing Admin, PL Feature

Version 150

Note Program Type
Improved keybord on mobil units Web timesheet Feature
Ensure that the note field has been written if this is mandatory Web timesheet Feature

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