Link to e-conomic






Integration to e-conomic

AutoPilot provides an app that automatically integrates your AutoPilot software with the accounting program e-conomic.



The app automatically transfers debtors, creditors and transactions from AutoPilot to economic. Current payment status is transferred from e-conomic to AutoPilot.

Furthermore, e-conomic automatically transfers current payment balances of debtor bills to your AutoPilot software.

As the solution is 100% cloud based, you no longer have to worry about import and export of files. Just let the app handle it.



Read more about the e-conomic app



To be able to use the app the following needs to be in place:

  • AutoPilot and Cloud Certificate licenses
  • e-conomic license

The cost of putting the app into operation depends on your current licenses and configuration – contact for a quote.



When the link has been created, it must be activated:

  • Go to the login site
  • The first time you go to the site you’ll see the button “Link to Economic” – click it
  • You are transferred to e-conomic’s app system, where you need to accept the link that will be created between AutoPilot and your e-conomic

The link is now active and can be accessed from Administration > Link to finance.