AutoPilot version 153

In today’s release of version 153 we have, as always, our focus on the feedback and inputs our clients provide us with. This has inspired this blog, where you will be able to read about the new features and improvements which are coming in the new update.


New in version 153

New and improved plan of absence
In the new plan of absence, you select yourself how many weeks you wish to display. Here you can select to view 1 to 15 weeks and the beginning week of the overview too, as you will notice in the screenshot below. This way it is easier for you to get an overview of your employees’ plans of absence of exactly those weeks you are interested in.


Click on image to view it in full.

Improved structure of work packages in planning
When you now expand a work package in activities and further in staffing plans, then the names of the activities and employees are now in the same column as the work package name. This provides a better and clearer overview of the work package activities and staffing activities which can be seen in the screenshot below.


Click on image to view it in full.


Furthermore, we have changed the colours in the last option for expansion, which displays what the employee also is budgeted to, this is to provide a clearer display of this option.


Sales prices can now be displayed on hour vouchers.
It is now possible to select to display the sales prices of employees on the hour voucher when you issue an invoice.


Improvements to processing speed
We have improved the procedures of the database to maintain integrity in the database. This has had the result that it is much faster to update master data in AutoPilot.


Furthermore, the invoicing module now opens faster than previously.


New supscriptions of version 153

API based link to cloud based financial management systems
In relation to the new update we offer an API based synchronisation between AutoPilot and cloud based financial management systems which, in short, means that AutoPilot and the financial management system ‘talk’ to each other without any problems.


We are able to now deliver in regards to E-conomic. Other integrated systems will be available dependent on demand.


Clients and client invoicing in AutoPilot will specifically appear in your financial management system via a debtor link from AutoPilot to the financial management system. A creditor link from the financial management system to AutoPilot results in creditors and creditor invoicing appearing in AutoPilot. Payment status of debtor invoices is synchronised in the financial management system to AutoPilot’s invoice archive.


To supplement the above, we have developed a semiautomatic reminder system so it is easy to send a reminder to clients that are overdue.


You gain access to this system by taking out a subscription to our cloud based “Company Site”.


Timesheet services
We offer with the new version that you, as supplement to our Web timesheet, can take out a subscription for a range of scheduled services which are beneficial to both the project leader and administrator.


The first scheduled service is automatic email notifications to employees who haven’t handed in hours for a specified number of days. The second scheduled service is automatic submission of timesheets for employees who are on annual leave or are on any other kind of leave. The third and last service is on-demand future hour submission for employees who are leaving at the end of the current month.


You will gain access to the above by taking out a subscription for our cloud based “Employee site”.


You can look forward to this in version 154

Version 154 is scheduled for release already this autumn and below is an extract of the improvements you will be able to enjoy.


New and improved creation and maintenance of special price lists
All client price lists are now displayed collectively and the same goes for project and work package price lists. This mean that it is easy to maintain existing special price lists, just as it is easy to create new special price lists.


The new system furthermore features functions for completion which can insert employees, who are on the relevant staffing lists, into the price lists.  The new system also features an option to close a special price list from a given date.


A new set of Graphs
As something new there will be as set of graphs linked to each work package related to the fee. There are five graphs in the set and conceptually they will display the following:

  • Fee breakdown
  • Target value of spent and planned own work regarding own fee
  • Reality value of spent and planned own work regarding own fee
  • Size of own work in progress
  • Contribution Margin of the work package calculated as own fee minus the sum of the cost price of spent own work and the cost price of planned own work.


Difference in exchange entries
In version 154, AutoPilot will calculate the difference in exchange entries regarding debtor accounts and work in progress. The difference in exchange is calculated as the difference between the exchange rate at the date of entering into the agreement and the current exchange rate. When you determine work in progress or create an invoice, then AutoPilot will fix the approximate exchange gain or the approximate exchange loss.


Improvements to speed
We improve the speed of the planning module so it opens faster than previously.

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  1. Tak for den nye fraværsplan :-), meget mere operativ, jeg savner dog, stadig at kunne se hvori fraværet ligger – f.eks. orlov – feriefridage eller lifn.

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