AutoPilot in the Cloud – easy and fast hour registration

One of the cornerstones of AutoPilot is a sound registration culture; it is also a big step towards a successful business. Daily each and every employee ought to be able to hand in their hour registrations, and this is why we have developed the web-based timesheet for Smartphones. Here you can see how it works.

Finde sage eng 2

When you have logged into your web-based timesheet on the mobile, an overview of current projects will appear right away. You will be able to register your hours for the project by pressing on the blue clock icon.

Indtaste timer, eng

Here you enter the number of hours. You finish by pressing the green OK button.

Tilføj notat, eng

Subsequently, you have the option to add a note that explains what the hours have been used for.

Opret udlæg 2

Furthermore, for every individual project you can attach an expense – typically associated with travel.

Opret udlæg

You select type and enter the number or quantity.

Afleverer timer og udlæg, eng

Then, by pressing the menu button in the top right corner, you can submit your registered hours and expenses.

Add new projects

In the menu you can also add new projects.


Ferie-afspadsering, eng 2

Finally, in the menu, you can also view the status of your annual leave/TOIL. By pressing the AutoPilot-logo in the top left corner you will be sent back to the start page.

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